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You work so hard in your business, this dream business you always saw yourself in, yet somehow as soon as you seem to be making inroads, you put the brakes on or switch to some other great idea and, once again, sabotage your success. You don’t understand why you do this and you are frustrated, tired, losing your passion and your profitability and wondering if it is all worth it. Maybe you weren’t cut out to be a business owner in the first place.

Sound familiar?

What if it wasn’t you at all. What if it was your thinking and your habits that were causing all this unwanted drama?

What if there was a way to get back on track, to have the clarity you need, to rebuild your confidence and start to think creatively?

View the programs below to suit where you are on your pathway to success.


E-Disc is a cutting edge behavioural profiling assessment tool designed to assist with communication, behaviour and personal development.

Values Discovery session

Discover your values, where they are holding you back; create new values that work FOR you  and align them with your life.

Group Coaching

This program is designed to help you embrace your fear and let go of old habits that are keeping you stuck.

One to One coaching

Work with Maureen individually to uncover your blocks and find how you can move forward on your pathway success. View Coaching 1-1.

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What Clients Say

I got so much out of my sessions with Maureen, she encouraged me & assisted me by showing me the tools I could use to find & achieve what I was seeking. This whole experience has changed the way I look at things including myself. In my opinion with Maureen’s assistance & advice, along with your willingness to transform your own life, you will without a doubt enhance your life for the better. I came to discover more about myself, I learnt how to achieve my goals, break through fear & change habitual tendencies that were no longer serving me. Thanks to Maureen I have now been set on a path full of more positive outcomes.

Kerri Pitman

Sunshine Coast

I had very little knowledge of coaching and thought it was about time management and life balance. I discovered it was much much more and empowered the whole person. Maureen’s Life Coaching has the potential to inspire anyone seeking change in his or her life. Coaching has helped me put my life in perspective, gave me resources that I was not aware of and I discovered new skills to help with change. At the second session I started to see concrete results in everyday life. Coaching has helped me speak up for myself give me confidence in my skills and take up new opportunities. Maureen’s style is caring, logical, fun, skillful, educated and experienced.

Kirstie Cochrane


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