Values Discovery


Values Discovery Session

You know you want:

  • more time doing what lights you up
  • success in your business
  • great communication in your relationships and
  • happiness in your life

……..but somehow one or more of these things seems to elude you and you feel stuck, conflicted or constantly following other people’s agendas ….for example, you want to spend time with your family and you know you ‘should’ be working on your business yet you get caught up spending time on Facebook or other distractions or you say you want to lose weight but find yourself eating a whole block of chocolate – and then the guilt sets in. Sound familiar?

You are not alone.

One of the main reasons this happens is because you are unclear on your personal, business and relationship values, those qualities that you see as important to you, instead you experience a world of conflict and confusion. This can seriously hold you back from success and fulfilment as a mother, a partner and as a business woman.

Tony Robbins says, ‘To value something means to place importance upon it; anything that you hold dear can be called a ‘value’.

Another definition is, ‘ Values are a set of emotional states that we want to experience on a consistent basis.’ An example of this would be joy, happiness, freedom, love, adventure and so forth.

In this 2 hour, power session you will:

Discover how your present values could be holding you back from achieving success and
create new empowering personal & business values.

You know what happens to your driving when your wheel alignment is out, similarly, when our values are out of alignment with our lives, we are at the mercy of every bump in the road.

Find out how you can smaooth the ride and  align your new values with your life and your vision and get back into flow.

Book in for a virtual coffee with me, to find out how you can create truly live life on your terms by creating values that work for you and letting go of those that are seriously holding you back.

Your new life is waiting for you – all you have to do is say YES to it.

It all starts here! Let’s chat. 

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Create new values that work for you and align them with your vision and watch your world take on a new colour.


What Clients Say

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the first coaching session, however Maureen managed to find the exact things I needed to work on (and glass ceilings I needed to bust through) without be even needing to ask. I have some amazing tools to work with now to help around confidence, how to deal with other’s opinions and we also were able to unlock my true purpose during our first session – pretty amazing really! Her coaching was very encouraging, a very safe environment to share what you are thinking and feeling, and Maureen has an amazing ability to find a way to tackle any problem or challenge you may be facing – I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Miranda Mitchell


Before our session I was overwhelmed with my mile long To Do List and even prioritising didn’t make it less scary. With you showing me how to make a 90 Day Goal Plan, break it down into tasks and schedule it into my daily and weekly life I feel empowered, confident, excited and in control. A very big thank you to you Maureen for helping me focus and put much-needed structure into my life

Sally Eberhardt


Working together

Live your values

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