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Stress, burnout, procrastination and overwhelm – these are all symptoms women experience when they continually put their heart and soul into their businesses, families and relationships but never stop to fill their own vessel.

You are not a robot and the more you push, the more you harm yourself and affect those around you.

You need timeout to reconnect with your spirit, to re-experience your childhood creativity and just have fun.

Wise HeART Studio was created for that very purpose. In a non-judgemental and supportive environment, you can learn to get into flow and give yourself the gift of time and space to renew and restore your spirit.

Take a look at the plethora of programs and workshops availabe and choose the one that is right for you.


Mindful Mandalas

This is a series of 6 online workshops where we go beyond the usual mandala creation and open up to a world of curiosity and spiritual connection.

Vision Boards

Understanding the science behind the law of attraction, these workshops help you visualise your future and set goals to make it happen.

Start With Art

Start With Art workshops are designed for the business owner or leader who wants learn to let go, embrace uncertainty, take risks and make mistakes all in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Art Classes

Different from the art classes you experienced at school, in these classes there is no judgement, only encouragement and a focus on art principles rather than rules as well as tips to help you on your creative journey.

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There is a variety of workshops on offer at the Wise HeART Studio – both online and in studio. You will find everything from Mindful Mandalas, to Vision Boards, Back to Basics Art Classes, Soul Deep Intuitive Art Programs, one off classes like Oriental Ladies  and soon to come Weekend Retreats.


What Clients Say

Maureen brought out the creative side of me I truly didn’t know existed. I learnt so much about being focused in the moment, looking for the beauty and mandala in so many aspects of everyday life. Thank you Maureen. I highly recommend this thoughtful journey.

Christine Ross

This course has put my fears of “not being creative enough” to design my own mandala at ease. It had so much more than learning how to create a mandala too. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that finds themselves super ‘busy’ all the time and is not taking time out for themselves. The benefits are immense. Well done Maureen.

Leanne Blaney

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