Worrier to Warrior


Let Go of Your Worrier and Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Have you ever wanted to feel completely in control of your life by embracing who you truly are – by letting go of the exhausted Worrier and stepping into your beautiful Warrior?

Imagine living a life where you step up with confidence knowing that you’ve got this, where the confusion and indecision you once felt have now been replaced with clarity and focus and where you are able to tap into the creativity you were born with.

When you learn to live with real purpose rather than a life lived by default, with a vision that really moves you that is aligned with your values, then this life is not just possible, it is as natural as breathing. You become in flow with life, able to deal with whatever it throws at you and keep bouncing back, getting stronger with each new challenge. Life will never be smooth sailing, it comes with challenges built in and when you have the skills and tools to deal with them head on, the the world is your oyster.

This is what awaits you in the Worrier to Warrior program:
• Discover what is holding you back and why you keep sabotaging your success
• Release old beliefs and habits that are keeping you on the ‘Fear Merry-Go-Round’ and replace them with new beliefs and habits that propel you towards your ideal life
• Through completing an Extended DISC Profile, find out your personal Behavioural Style and dig deep into understanding why you are not living the life you truly want
• Develop a vision for your life, career and/or business
• Create values that are aligned with your vision for long term success
• Learn to set goals and actually achieve them while thriving in all areas of your life
• Learn to fall in love with yourself and your life again

Your new life is waiting for you – all you have to do is say YES to it.

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Unleash Your Beautiful, Wise Warrior


Find out what is keeping you stuck, living in fear and stopping you from becoming the leader you know is within you.


What Clients Say

Maureen managed to find the exact things I needed to work on (and glass ceilings I needed to bust through) without be even needing to ask. I have some amazing tools to work with now to help around confidence, how to deal with other’s opinions and we also were able to unlock my true purpose during our first session – pretty amazing really!

Miranda Mitchell


Coaching with Maureen has set the fire ablaze in my heart, now I am using the tools of my past to make a glorious future for myself and the lives of those around me. I am eternally grateful for having been through this experience and would encourage anyone that looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize the person staring back to embark on the journey of self-discovery, we all have a gift within us you just need to BELIEVE!

Tracey-Lee Walker

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