Maureen Wise


Change is inevitable – how you change is your choice.


We women are powerful creatures – the problem is that we don’t always recognise our own power and that needs to change.

For generations, even smart and intelligent women have believed the myth that they are not enough – not good enough, not creative enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, not rich enough and the list goes on. We women have felt the need to prove ourselves to feel worthy, to be heard or to be seen as a leader and have competed against other women and men and even ourselves to find acceptance. It is exhausting and not sustainable.

This thinking brings with it, huge consequences – a belief that we have to do it all and perfectly and we daren’t make a mistake lest we be judged by others (and ourselves), it causes us to second guess our decisions,  feel a sense of shame and guilt, lose confidence, clarity, our creative playfulness and our sense of direction. Even more than that, we lose our IDENTITY and feel even less worthy and unlovable.

To change these beliefs takes conscious effort, hard work, courage and the ability to let go of that which does not help us move towards our dreams. It starts with knowing our Purpose.

First we need to let go of our stories and excuses, our addiction to the past, our fear and anxiety about the fututre and bring all our focus to the present moment.

One of the best ways to do this is through the process of making art and reclaim our creative heritage.

Join me in this quest of art and growth to find your hidden self and to discover how you can bring your light out of the closet and start to shine brightly again.

You ARE worthy, you ARE loved, you ARE creative and you ARE of huge value – just as you are, right now.

When you let go of those stories that have held you back and kept you captive to your own fears, you are then free to show other sisters how to do the same.


maureen wise

My Mission

My mission is to help you find that empowerment and let you see how amazing you really are as you step into your own magnificence. With help and support, you can transform from Worrier to Warrior and find confidence, clarity and creativity.

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