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Half Day Workshops

Vision Board Workshops

Paint 'N' Plonk - Sunday Sessions and October Mid-week Event

Want to have a fun and relaxing afternoon with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass in the other?

No art experience necessary. All judgement left at the door – just bring your sense of humour and adventure as you are guided through the steps to create your own work of art.

Held in the gorgeous new Wise HeART Studio – either indoor or outdoor depending upon weather –  all materials are supplied and you can nibble on the delicacies of a delicious charcuterie board as you paint and enjoy a relaxing glass of bubbly.

Either come alone and meet some like-minded fellow artists or book the afternoon for a special occasion with your friends.

All COVID precautions will be taken and numbers are capped at 8 for this reason.

October Mid-week Event Date:

Wednesday October 20, 1- 4pm

Sunday Sessions Dates:

October 24

November 21

December 12

There is also a discount if you book for all 3 Sunday Sessions together.

Oriental Ladies Workshop

Using luxurious and vibrant Japanese papers, gold motifs and beautiful colours on rich watercolour paper. this workshop requires no prior artistic experience. There is no drawing required and the image reveals itself as the papers are applied.

Bring along your favourite pieces of bling to add to the composition and add supplied feathers, beads, sequins, ribbon and/or gold leaf pen.

This will be a fun way to spend an afternoon in the studio with all materials supplied as well as a delicious and healthy afternoon tea.

Why not bring a friend and share the experience with some great company and good laughs.

By the end of the workshop, you will take away a beautiful artwork that you can treasure for years to come.

Numbers capped at 4 due to social distancing

Mindful Mandalas

Mindful Mandalas In Studio Series

Mandalas are an ancient form of meditation and have experienced a revival in recent times. With their repeat patterns and geometric shapes, they create a bridge between the left logic brain and the right creative brain to bring about a sense of peace, calmness and even achievement.

This series explores different forms of mandalas – some traditional, some fun and quirky and some transformative.

It is an intimate setting with numbers capped at 6 and run on Wednesday afternoons from 1pm -3pm AEST

All materials and templates are provided as well as afternoon tea.

Click on the link below to find out when the next series begins.


Mindful Mandalas Online Series

Mandalas are an ancient form of meditation and have experienced a revival in recent times. With their repeat patterns and geometric shapes, they create a bridge between the analytical and the creative activities of the brain to bring about a sense of peace, calmness and even achievement.

This series explores different forms of mandalas – some traditional, some fun and quirky and some transformative.

This online series is perfect for those who are unable to attend the Wise HeART Studio in person and who still want a guided art experience. It is a series of 4 workshops which are run on Wednesdays from 6pm – 8pm AEST.

 No art experience is necessary, all templates are provided via email and you can easily use the materials you already have at home.

This class is offered via Zoom. Prior to the class, a link to log onto Zoom will be sent to you via your preferred email adress.

The next series dates are:

October 27

November 3

November 10

November 17

Start With Art

Art4Change Program

This is where art and neuroscience intersect.

Using art as a starting point, this program comprises a series of fun workshops  and group coaching experiences designed to help you challenge your fears and develop more confidence while letting go of perfectionism and self-sabotage.

Using the Neuro-Change Methodology combined with art practices, you will learn to:.

  • embrace uncertainty
  • let go of a need to control the outcome and enjoy the process
  • explore of the unknown
  • learn from and give new meaning to mistakes – ‘Happy Accidents’
  • awaken your own creativity
  • find balance between analytical and creative thinking
  • embrace playfulness and curiosity

Come and join us in the studio, in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment – even if you are not ‘arty’or have no experience in art creation. Whether you are a complete novice or are a far more experienced artist, these sessions will help you tap into that part of you that is uniquely YOU.

All materials are supplied and you will leave with a new-found confidence that will flow over into many other parts of your life.

Held at Wise HeART Studio (Narangba)

15 Day Creative Expression Experience

This is a FREE experience for you to learn to express yourself creatively and start challenging yourself to think outside the box. When you start thinking and expressing yourself through the lens of creativity, new doors open and you become aware of possibilities than you never recognised before.

Each day you will have a new activity to pursue. You will need to have a journal of some kind, whether it be a sketch book, a guilt edge writing journal or a repurposed book that you can draw or write in. An email will be sent to you each morning with the day’s challenge, You can choose the time of day you want to do it and then you have the option to upload it into the dedicated Facebook group, Wise HeART Champions. (request to join the group and you will be added just before the challenge starts.

Activities will include collage, drawing (don’t panic if you don’t think you can draw – it’s about the process, not the outcome, so no experience is necessary), mandalas, journal writing, scribbling and doodling, guided writing topics and much more.

All you need is a journal or book to create in, a pen and some colouring pencils or felt tips pens, paints if you have them, a glue stick, and an open mind. This is where you get to stretch yourself, step out of your comfort zone and have some play time for YOU.

I’ll be in the Facebook group each day with your daily task and, if you miss one day, or want to revisit a previous day, they will all be here in the group with a # so you can find them.

This is a FREE experience so please invite your friends or relatives to join us. The more the merrier.

Why am I doing this? I believe that being creative is ESSENTIAL to your mental health and personal expression and, right now, we need all the help we can get in keeping ourselves emotionally fit, right?

So, no excuses, don’t let Resistance hold you back. There are no prizes for letting fear or negative self-talk run your life yet the wins for embracing something new are astronomical! 

Wise HeART Classes

Back to Basics Art Classes – In Wise HeART Studio

Are you new to your artistic journey? Do you want to know some of the fundamentals of creating great art and design? Yes? Then this class is just for you.

Classes are run with an emphasis on mindfulness through art.  You will learn basic drawing techniques, observation skills, the elements of art (line, shape, value, texture and colour) as well as the principles of art (composition, proportion, perspective and relationship) while exploring your own style.

Although some materials will be supplied, upon registration, you will be given a  list of materials to purchase and bring with you  to class.

You will create a folio of artworks as well as have notes and examples to fall back on as you continue to grow. There will be weekly homework tasks to complete as well.

Classes are held every Tuesday afternoon and numbers will be limited to 6 so you get closer attention and support.

Held at Wise HeART Studio (Narangba)

Children's Art and Craft Classes – In Wise HeART Studio


Are your kids bored on the school holidays? Are they looking for something fun and creative to do? Are you looking to have a few hours free for yourself?

Yes? Then these classes are just what you are looking for and are run over the school holidays every Monday and Thursday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. They include such activities as:

  • beading
  • mandalas
  • painting
  • drawing with mixed media
  • clay sculpture
  • mask making
  • printing
  • textile arts and crafts
  • and much more

Equipment handling and safety as well as strict COVID rules will be adhered to for the protection and safety of all concerned and numbers are limited to 6 per class.

Held at Wise HeART Studio (Narangba)


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