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Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, on the verge of burnout or find yourself yelling ‘How do I get off this rollercoaster?’ 

How often do you give yourself permission to take time out, to explore your creativity and learn to let go of your stress and worry  – through mindful art?  

Have you ever had the chance to really talk to someone who does not judge you, who listens intently but does not try to ‘fix’ you and who comes from a place of compassion, enough to call you out on the stories you tell yourself to hide what you are really thinking and feeling?  

Well, you’re in the right place! 

I am that person. Having been through the craziness of working full-time as a teacher while bringing up 4 kids, dealing with the trauma of childhood abuse, then the tragedy and grief of losing two young adult sons in two years and burdened with shame and guilt, I lived a life where fear, self-doubt and even suicidal tendencies were the norm.  Fortunately, I decided that this was not going to be the story that defined me and so I sought out those who could help me turn my life around discovering the healing power of mindfulness and intuitive art. 

I have now made it my mission to help business and career women, like you, when you find yourself either on the brink of burnout or sabotaging your success because of self-doubt and fear. I work WITH you to break the endless rollercoaster of success and failure and regain your confidence, clarity and rediscover your childhood creativity while transforming from Worrier to Warrior. I bring compassion, care and a real sense of presence to your coaching sessions while challenging limited thinking. This is  why my clients are able to create the sustained and lasting change they want and find peace of mind and a new way of living.

With over 30 years’ experience as an art and social sciences teacher and with more than 7 years coaching experience, I am able to draw on my love of learning and art to bring a unique style of coaching to my business. I am also an engaging speaker, an passionate author, mentor, teacher and facilitator. My formal qualifications include: Credentialled Practitioner of Coaching, Certified Practitioner of NLP and Meta-Dynamics, Level 2 EDISC Consultant and Certified Practitioner of Deep State Repatterning™. I also hold a Certificate in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance from Monash University. I am also an intuitive artist and infuse my coaching with this methodology.

My focus on whole brain thinking (left brain analytics crossing over with right brain creativity and mindfulness), is the core of my Success Pathways and Wise HeART Studio programs which sets me apart from other coaches.

I am also a proud, long-term member of Business and Professional Women Australia (BPWA) and for many years served in various leadership roles while mentoring other BPW members.

Moving from Geelong several years ago, I now live in Brisbane with my very patient husband, Bruce, and in making sure I give myself ‘me time’, I am a devoted Parkrunner and Geelong Cats supporter! I love taking my kayak out on the waters of Moreton Bay and exploring new places. Mindfulness and Qi Gong practises are a daily routine for me and I can usually be found lost in the creation of intuitive artworks in my wonderful Wise HeART Studio.

So, what is holding you back? Find out how you can create the change you are after and discover a new level of success without the burn out…let’s have a virtual coffee and find out more about each other. Take the next step towards a happier and more fulfilling future.

Contact me for a FREE no-obligation CONFIDENCE & CLARITY chat.

Business Warriors book
Business Warriors book

The Business Warriors project is a compilation project with contributions from a number of talented and dedicated small business people whom I call Business Warriors.

Like the Samurai, modern business warriors take pride in working to master themselves and hone their skills to the benefit of their customers and clients just like you.

Every single one of the authors in this book brings their best to their chapters in the hopes that you – the working woman – will gain massive value and take away tips and skills and resources that you can put into practice in your life today, and every day. This matters deeply to them and this is what sets them apart from others who seek your custom.

Join Maureen as she takes you on a journey from Worrier to Warrior. See for yourself if her experience and expertise can help you have a better experience of life.

If you are a working woman and you want to know how to work smarter not harder, I encourage you to read this book.



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